Black Bikers and Riders

The following is a post from Black Biker Blog

Businesses in Washington are trying to forbid bikers from wearing their colors when patronizing their establishments. So, a collaboration of motorcycle clubs got together, about 200 or more rode to show support to overthrow this extreme violation of civil rights to wear club colors where and when they want.

I want to inform African American bikers and black motorcycle clubs we aren’t exempt from this happening in our states. Black Bikers and Black Motorcycle Clubs tend to blow off reading about biker rights as if they are exempt from this happening to them. Well news flash it does. Collectively the media and the government see all bikers the same. They don’t care if you are red, yellow, black, brown or green. If you ride motorcycles and were vests with anything on the back, you belong to a motorcycle gang.

It is very important that you know it could be your state next. I do recall in Atlanta at Atlantic Station, ESPN Zone requested when bikers came in with their colors and head scarfs to take them off. Picture that, did they ask someone with a baseball cap to take of their hat. Some of us in Atlanta don’t patronize Atlantic Station because they forbid bikers from coming down there. We aren’t welcome so we don’t support their businesses. Stay connected and aware of your rights as a biker. If that means communicating with your local motorcycle organizations,  requesting information or utilizing blogs such as this one to take back information to your motorcycle clubs.

My intent is to keep black bikers and black motorcycle clubs aware of any issue that may affect us positively or negatively because, Iron Sharpens Iron…especially on Steel!

Goldie~Regulator for Life!